​​Since 1996, Founder and President Joe Tevis

has been creating solutions rooted in quality data for the agricultural industry. 

Having grown up on a farm in Iowa, Dr. Joe Tevis knows what it takes to be successful in the world of agriculture. Now located in Minneapolis, MN, Joe specializes in international data standards and applications in precision farming to improve traceability and food safety. 

Recently named one of the "Top Ten" leaders in Precision Agriculture and the recipient of a 2014 Legacy Award, Joe and his team are industry thought leaders with international experience in precision farming and information-based agriculture, as well as familiarity with processes required in market-driven product development and value proposition assessment of technology products in agriculture.

With over 20 years of experience in precision ag, Joe has had a front row seat in the development and marketing of many of the technologies that created and advanced the Precision Ag Industry to its current position.  He holds a PhD in Agricultural Engineering and serves as a Senior Advisor to companies delivering products and services in the thriving Precision Ag Industry. 

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"Food safety is an ever  increasing topic in my world, and the words 'farm to fork' are heard more and more frequently.  I take a holistic approach, because knowing that where the food starts and how it gets to the table are being accounted for every step of the way brings better value to everyone - the producer and the consumer."    -Dr. Joe Tevis

Joe w tevis, PhD