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VisScan Privacy Agreement

The VisScan mobile app is being provided to the user at no charge for the specific purpose of participating in the 2019 AgGateway Seeding POC project.  VisScan collects and stores both barcode data and photos used to identify the seed being used in the user’s planting operation and to document the transfer of the seed from tender to planter.  This transfer documentation also includes a date/time stamp, the geo-location of the transfer and optional operational data with notes.

The data may be stored locally on the mobile device and optionally as directed by the user the data may be uploaded to a shared online portal.  By uploading the data to the portal the user agrees to allow Vis Consulting and AgGateway to use the data for educational purposes and to advance the state of the agricultural industry in the area of crop input product identification.

The VisScan app was developed by Vis Consulting Inc. in cooperation with AgGateway.